Textile and Surface Designer

Arabella Strachan is a textile and surface designer living in Melbourne, Australia. 

Inspired by the Australian coastal and urban landscape her process of design tends towards a feeling of playfulness and nostalgia.

Connecting all of her work is often some reference to the beautiful Australian native flora and coastal life and works of artists and designers from the past and present that inspire her.

With a firm belief that beauty can change us, and that what we surround ourselves with is so very important. Whether it’s the clothes on our body or in our home, textile design is a way for her to create a space that nourishes and supports, it’s a way to bring beauty and art to our everyday lives.

Apart from textiles and design her other passions include dancing, woodworking, collecting trinkets and art on her travels through Europe, Japan and the Mornington Peninsular and daydreaming about building a home in the country.